Foodie Feature: Nomarama Takes Us to the 757 for the Best Local Eats in Hampton Roads

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Virginia’s Hampton Roads has a lot to offer food-wise. It goes beyond the stereotypical ‘boardwalk’ foods that might come to mind when you think of the beach, offering eclectic farm-to-table cuisine around every corner.

We asked Jarrell Williams, a devoted local food-lover (or as you may know him, _Nomarama_ on Instagram) in the 757 area to show us around some of his favorite spots. He hit the town running, providing foodies everywhere with a local’s lowdown on the good eats in Virginia Beach and surrounding areas - from food trucks to fine dining, there's a little something for every taste. This guy gets around, ya'll.

Here’s an inside look, straight from the man himself.


My name is Jarrell! My kids call me "daddy", some people call me "Mr. Local" but most know me as Nomarama... Here is a run down of my personal favorite places doing amazing things here in the beautiful 757.

THE DOWN LOW on Nomarama:

Nomarama is a grass roots organization created by Jarrell Williams that has an emphasis on local love. Their goal is to share their passion for small business with friends, family, and just about everyone they have the pleasure of speaking with. To help spread their message they created a traveling web series titled, “This Is Nomarama: The Series.” In the show, they travel throughout the Hampton Roads area showcasing the hard work of individuals putting on for their cities. Engaging in honest conversation with the shop owners, artists, and chefs, they learn about their backgrounds and find out what inspires them. (Show him some love!)