Bucket List Worthy: Our 11 Over-The-Top Must-try Foodie Sandwiches

Image: The Black Sheep

Image: The Black Sheep

Throw on your best pair of sweatpants and hit the road to try some of the most over-the-top, indulgent sandwiches in Virginia. Whether it’s a crispy sourdough, crusty rye or classic white bread paired with savory meats and cheeses or delicious fresh veggies- a sandwich always satisfies.

This list of sandwich spots goes above and beyond the beck and call of regular hoagies. We’re bringing you over-the-top, indulgent foodie sandwiches to fill your heart with ooey, gooey, deliciousness stacked high around the state.


Handsome Biscuit (Norfolk)

Image Credits:  @psyche3090  / @ brynnvr  /  @erin18panjakes

Image Credits: @psyche3090 / @brynnvr / @erin18panjakes

Handsome Biscuit is worthy of a visit with menu items like the “Stevie”, which is a biscuit stacked with fried chicken and pickles and then smothered in whole grain mustard and honey. Fried eggs, seared greens, pulled pork, potato and onion frittata, chicken salad–you name it, they can pile it on.


Take It Away (Charlottesville)

Image Credits:  @dontworrybriehappy  / @lindsaysb /  @lindsaysb

Image Credits: @dontworrybriehappy / @lindsaysb / @lindsaysb

Take It Away is a legend of sorts for Charlottesville foodies. Born in 1992, Take It Away still gives you fresh sandwiches, stuffed with your faves ready to “take away.” Take it up a notch by adding whatever toppings tickle your fancy, and vegetarians can get in the fun, too. We recommend loading it up with red pepper hummus, sprouts, and lentils. And don't forget the legendary house dressing.


Grilled Cheese Mania (Harrisonburg)

If the bright red truck doesn’t catch your eye, Grilled Cheese Mania’s reputation in the Burg for killer sandwiches will draw you right in. Their regulars on the menu are delicious spins on classic grilled cheeses, but their daily specials kick it into overdrive. Give their Trottacado a whirl, with cheddar cheese, avocado, tomato, mac & cheese grilled into a torta roll. Or, if you’re really dedicated to the #foodporn cause, try the Sweet Mucci, with cheddar cheese and crispy bacon grilled on a glazed donut. Mmm.


Perly's (Richmond)

Image Credits: @ perlysrichmond  / @ alex_delany

Image Credits: @perlysrichmond / @alex_delany

Perly's is a modern Jewish restaurant and delicatessen in Richmond and is practically famous for its pastrami and Reuben sandwiches. One of their most prized picks on the menu is the “Perly's Patty Melt,” a hamburger topped with pastrami, grilled onions, sliced pickles, and Russian dressing on marble rye.


Ivy Provisions (Charlottesville)

Head to Ivy Provisions and find a full list of creative sandwich options with unforgettable names. Try the “Notorious P.I.G.”  stuffed with salami, prosciutto, capicola, provolone, peppers, onions, lettuce, oil, and vinegar. Or, go for the “K.I.S.S. Caprese,” which is a baguette filled with tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, arugula, and basil mayo.


Astro Doughnuts (FALLS CHURCH AND DC)

Image Credits: @ feastonthese  / @ devourpower  / @ misspiggieeats

Astro Doughnuts occupies that sweet spot where tempting breakfast creations meet lunchtime favorites. This place has some pretty noteworthy sandwiches, most featuring their famous fried chicken, like the “Doughnut Chicken Sandwich,” a fresh golden doughnut stuffed with a piece of crispy chicken, sauce, and your choice of toppings. Go on, get yourself one and Instagram it. No one will judge here.


Sage Kitchen (Newport News and Virginia Beach)

Image Credits:  @ lovesagekitchen/  @_nomarama_  /  @lovesagekitchen

Image Credits: @lovesagekitchen/ @_nomarama_ / @lovesagekitchen

How fresh is the food at Sage Kitchen? Let’s just say they don’t even own a freezer. You’ll be able to tell, too, with their Traegermeister sandwich full of in-house Traeger-smoked turkey breast bacon, smoked gouda, slaw sun-dried tomatoes, and chipotle mayo on flavorful cheddar chipotle sourdough. (If you’re itching for a sweeter taste, give their Brieberry ‘wich a try – roasted turkey, honey mayo, brie, fresh strawberries on pecan bread give it that light crunch).


Griffin Tavern (Flint Hill)

Images: @griffintavern

Images: @griffintavern

Find pub fare with flair at Griffin Tavern with their sumptuous sandwiches worthy of a five-star endorsement. Their “Hamlington Wentworth” is a mouth-watering collaboration of Italian herbed ham, aged provolone, peppadew and banana peppers, roasted garlic mayo, romaine lettuce, and pickles on fresh ciabatta bread.


Red Apron Butcher (DC and fairfax)

Image Credits: Red Apron Butcher /  @trycaviardc

Image Credits: Red Apron Butcher / @trycaviardc

Known for their finest quality organic meats, Red Apron Butcher is home to what has been dubbed as the best place for bacon in the state. But on any given day, you can walk in here and grab a sandwich overflowing with your preferred meats, like the “Porkstrami,” a sub overflowing with pastrami-style pork, mustard aioli, and bacon-braised sauerkraut.

The Black Sheep (Richmond)

Image Credits:  @eatrichmond  / @ emilykittrellowen

How would you feel about chowing down on a two-foot long sub? That’s what you get at The Black Sheep, so you'll never leave hungry. One of their prized menu items is the “USS Roanoke,” which boasts hot smoked turkey, gooey melted provolone, crispy bacon, arugula, sweetie drop peppers, and mixed fruit mostarda on a french baguette.


Grilled Cheese Bistro (Norfolk)

Combine two of the best comfort foods, and what do you get? You have yourself a macaroni grilled cheese sandwich, and no one does this quite like the Grilled Cheese Bistro. You've probably never heard of grilled cheese sandwiches like you'll find here, such as the “Hangover,” featuring savory black truffles and steamy mac and cheese stuffed inside, or the Lobster Mac & Cheese special. It’s definitely a foodie spot if we’ve ever seen one.


From fried chicken between donuts to stuffed grilled cheeses, Virginia is no stranger to Instagram-worthy sandwiches. If this list doesn’t satiate your hunger, try checking out our Instagram and DINE list for more foodie spots around the state. We promise you won’t go hungry.